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Everyone is able to register a user account.

The benefits of registering will be that your data will not be deleted after some time like the data provided by anonymous users.

Also you can set permissions to your data and share it along with other users by adjusting the permissions on a package or group.

If you want to share it with a bunch of users you have also the possibility to organize them into a group and grant permissions to the whole group.

Default Package

When registering a new package and a new group will be created and named like the username.

In the initial package setup the newly registered user is the owner of the package and the primary group is the group mentioned above.

This will be the default package which means that every entity added via the following pages compound,rule, reaction, pathway,model and scenario will be stored in this package.

You can alter the default package by visiting the page of the user and clicking on Actions in the upper left corner. After clicking on Set default package a dropdown is shown containing all packages where the user has at least Permission.READ.

Note that you can only add entities to a package if you have Permission.WRITE.

Default setting

Every registered user has read access to the predefined setting with the name default Setting. Only the admin is able to modify this setting to reflect changes in the database. But you can create a new setting and set it as default setting analogously to when you set the default package.


The registration process requires a valid email address and a username together with a password.

To register you can click on login in the upper right corner and select the Register tab. By clicking on Sign Up a user according to your input will be created and an email is sent to the provided email-address.

You will not be able to login until you clicked on the activation link placed in the email.


If you want to update your user account you can click on Actions in the upper left corner.

Notice the action button is only available if you have Permission.WRITE to this particular user. Normally this is only the case when you are on your own user page.

Only if you set your profile to public it will be shown to other users. Making a profile public is one of the items in the action menu.


Within the affiliation section you can set your workplace, city and country.


If you want to delete your account you have to click Delete from the action menu.

This will also delete the following entities:

  • Settings where the user is the owner.
  • Packages where the user is the owner.
  • Groups where the user is the owner.


If we notice that you are trying to compromise the system the admin reserves the right to ban your user account.

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