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The enviPath system provides a Reviewing system to ensure a maximum of proven knowledge. Therefore a Reviewer group exists within the enviPath system. As default the only member of this is group is the admin. The admin can appoint other users to join the Reviewer group. Members of the Reviewer group gain the right to mark packages as reviewed. This means that the package is trusted to consist only of proven information and to be based on publications/literature. Once a package is marked as reviewed only Reviewers can edit its content.

Every user is able to submit their packages for a review. This can be done at a specific package by clicking on Actions followed by a click on Ask for review in the upper left corner.

To ensure the integrity of the package submitted for review all permissions of users and groups will be downgraded to Permission.READ.

A reviewer can see the packages which should be reviewed at the review page.

As a result of the inspection of a package the package can be marked as reviewed or as rejected. Additionally the reviewer can leave a comment why the package is marked as reviewed or as rejected. Only the owner and the members of the primary group of the package are enabled to see the comment.

If the package is successfully reviewed the package will appear in the reviewed section of the overview page.

Also all reviewed entities will be marked with a star.

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